Hi Dave,


I wanted to thank you again for such a outstanding show yesterday at Rancho Canada. It wasn't just the BMX show (which was wicked) but the message you shared (your 5 points). I've had teachers, parents and students barrage me with compliments regarding the show. Just wanted to pass that on. You guys rocked it. Many thanks again.

Regards, Carerie Kozak 

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"5 Secrets To Success"

This exciting school assemblies idea brings a positive & motivational message that will have your students buzzing with energy and good vibes.  The power of this school assembly idea is the connection made between making good choices and achieving success, even seemingly impossible success.  And witnessing the results of all the hard work and dedication LIVE and in Person, is what provides the necessary respect and admiration from your students to be able to truly connect and impact your students with the messages.  Here are the "5 Secrets To Success" your students will learn about...

Stay Drug-Free | Clean Body, Mind & Lungs

Live Your Dreams | Never Quit

Be Motivated | Determination

Respect Others | Anti-Bullying

Stay In School | Graduate

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How are the messages presented?

Stay Drug-Free:  We teach the kids that setting the conditions for success requires a clean mind, clean body & clean lungs.  This is the foundational aspect of success,  to create a foundation means to never pollute yourself with things like drugs, tobacco products or even junk food, but to make good choices gives us the best chance of extreme success. 

Live Your Dreams:  You cannot live your dreams if you don’t have them or define them.  The importance of setting Big Goals and having Big Dreams creates a mind full of ideas and opportunities.  We set our sights beyond what we currently can imagine, it stretches our minds.  Start setting goals now in school and in sports and activities and you will be living your dreams sooner than you can imagine. 

Be Motivated:  With a clean mind, body & lungs, and Big Dreams, motivation is easy.  But without direction and focus, we are left without motivation.  Find what you love and passion and motivation will follow naturally.  It starts in school with getting good grades,  bring 100% every day and it will pay off tenfold in the future.  

Respect Others:  The result of being a Bully is ending up alone.  Nobody wants to be around someone who dis-respects them, people are afraid of bullies and avoid them.  If you respect others, be kind and show fairness and play well together, you will have all kinds of friends and relationships that will pay off now, and into the future.  Some of the kids you will build friendships with will create future opportunities, but if you are a bully, they will have bad memories of you, and opportunity will disappear.  

Stay in School:  Graduate from High School, never ever drop out or quit and commit to going to college.  School prepares us for success and if you always commit to finishing it will help you throughout life.  Never ever quit, finish!

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